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"I saw these mixers while they were being put together with total love and care, hand made and hands on. Jerome Barbe' pays attention to every part and sonic detail. No shortcuts here. This is an instrument for the truly elite, its just like driving a portable lamborghini. And I feel like a proud owner."
Kerri Chandler

"That little box is a demanding DJ's dream come true, designed by an audiophile DJ (DJ Deep brought the concept and the layout) and an analog audio expert (Jerome Barbe, tweaks moogs and esoteric studio gear, he doesn't care about 1s and 0s nor mass marketing). Every detail here is adressed without compromission, and every unit is hand crafted by it's creator. If you like the crisp and punchy sound of the UREI mixers, the curve of it's tight pots, you will not be disappointed and even be surprised at how useful the extra features are. This mixer is compact and light and can fit in any DJ bag, the travelling DJ that I am particularly enjoys this (no more overweight luggage !) There's absolutely no equivalent of the DJ 400 in the market, once you try it there's no coming back."
Dimitri From Paris

Gary Stewart (GSA) uses our Isolators in big systems "Sound Planet" in Kiev, "Love" in NYC and recently "Zouk" Singapore .
Gary Stewart

The DJR 400 is the #1 mixer I travel with, there is nothing else this compact, that sounds this good! Throw in a large rotary knobs, superior 3-way isolator, a warm rich sound, simple layout & more... this mixer has it all!
Danny Krivit

Best sounding mixer I ever heard and played with, should be standart in every club! The DJR400 just makes everything sound right and with the EQs you'll have a powerful tool. All I need within a handy, solid built and beautiful box!
Frank Wiedemann (Ame)

Honestly I have been using it for my recent tracks for summing! For both music and ad music. The ewan Pearson thing turned out to be a new label and all of those release and many releases before are summed with it. I wish I had balanced inputs. Now I always do a copilot of sets for each final. Some straight some spread through 4 ch stereo. Love it for everything and when DJ ing it's great. And everyone loves the sound. And as I am sure u can corroborate I have forwarded many sales just bringing my mixer to a venue. It just sounds better!
Markus Enochson

the DJR 400 by E&S. It’s a portable rotary mixer, which basically means that instead of up-faders and a crossfader, you mix between records by twiddling the knobs and filtering the low/mid/high frequencies in and out. Good for mixing house and techno – ask Theo Parrish. It also means you can look really cool (or at least look like you’re doing something) by fiddling with the knobs a lot. WHHUTTT!!
Gilles Peterson